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Seasonal Job Opportunities


The 2021 Application process for Lifeguard and Supervisor positions is currently open. Each job posting describes the responsibilities and requirements for the specific position. At the bottom of the posting is a link to submit your application. All eligible applicants will be contacted via email regarding interview, run test and swim test dates that must be completed prior to hiring. 


To educate and advise on ocean safety, provide elite surf rescue and medical aid in emergency situations, and promote a positive and enjoyable experience for all citizens and visitors on the Virginia Beach oceanfront. 


VBLS is a respected leader in local, regional and national ocean rescue communities; trusted by the citizens of Virginia Beach to provide the highest quality of service up to and beyond its 100th year.

  • Quality Customer Service 

  • Volunteerism 

  • Teamwork

  • Leadership and Learning 

  • Integrity 

  • Commitment 

  • Respect 

Join our Team - Become a VBLS Lifeguard!

Surf Lifesaving starts out as an ideal job that transforms into a passion for service as a First Responder, knowledge of the ocean, and membership in a long legacy of Ocean Rescue lifesavers in Virginia Beach.


As a lifeguard, you will deal with lifesaving issues and be responsible for the safety and well-being of thousands of people on a daily basis. To do this, you must have good public relations skills and be able to work under pressure, keeping in mind that the public will look to you as a role model.

Many of the skills you will acquire working as a VBLS lifeguard will transfer to future positions. Good communication skills, working cooperatively with a diverse group of coworkers and patrons, and a responsible attitude are desirable qualities you will have an opportunity to develop. VBLS has one of the finest open water beach patrols in the United States. Members of the patrol make friendships that endure a lifetime.


In addition to using your lifeguarding skills for work, you can also use them in athletic competition. Our local chapter of the United States Lifesaving Association hosts lifeguard competitions each summer. Qualifiers have a chance to compete at the regional and/or national level. Every lifeguard working for VBLS will be a member of the United States Lifesaving Association.

While VBLS is a seasonal business but we are Lifeguards for Life. Join our team of lifesavers. Click on the links above to apply, typical hiring starts in January and extends into June. All guards, first year or returning must apply each season to be considered for a place on the staff.